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Chicagoland Sunbelt’s mergers and acquisitions department handles deals with over $5 million in revenues.  Our experienced team of M&A brokerage consultants will develop and execute a comprehensive merger & acquisition strategy customized to meet your financial and non-financial goals and objectives. From the initial planning through closing, Chicagoland Sunbelt advises our clients throughout the process to help ensure a successful transaction.

Our M&A advisory services are provided through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Sun Acquisitions. Typical steps in our merger and acquisition services to sellers and buyers generally include:

Sell Side Transaction Services

  • Goals and Objectives — Assist shareholders in defining the financial and non-financial goals and objectives of the transaction

  • Valuation — Analyze the financial and operating environment to prepare a fair market range valuation of the agency

  • Confidential Memorandum — Prepare a confidential, descriptive selling memorandum that highlights the unique aspects of the agency

  • Buyer Profiles — Develop a detailed report on buyer profiles for those companies that would represent the “most likely” buyer based on criteria established by the client

  • Solicitation and Qualification — Solicit offers from prospective purchaser(s) based on criteria and selection made by the client

  • Operational and Financial Assessment — Perform an initial operational and financial assessment to help clients determine the strategic fit with potential transaction partners

  • Selection and Preliminary Transaction Structuring — Evaluate and analyze letters of interest from potential transaction parties for both financial and non-financial aspects

  • Negotiation — Negotiate with prospective purchasers to assure that shareholder goals are met, including pricing, deal structuring, and other intangible aspects

  • Transaction Agreement Review — Review and provide consultation related to transaction legal documents and related schedules and agreements

  • Due Diligence — Coordinate, assist, and advise with respect to the due diligence process

  • Closing — Manage the closing process to assure prompt, smooth closure of the transaction


Buy Side Transaction Services

  • Identification of Acquisition Targets — Identify potential acquisition targets based on the criteria established by the client

  • Initial Contact / Solicitation — Make initial contact with targets to gauge interest in pursuing a possible transaction with our client

  • Initial Assessment of Acquisition Targets — Perform an initial assessment of prospective acquisition targets to determine strategic fit

  • Operational and Financial Assessment — After client and target have expressed preliminary interest in exploring a transaction, perform an initial cultural, operational, and financial assessment to help determine strategic fit of the target

  • Valuation — Prepare a benchmark valuation for target that is used as the basis for determining the transaction price, terms and structure
  • Transaction Structuring — Develop the appropriate transaction price, terms and structure based on both valuation and operational and financial assessment

  • Negotiation — Negotiate on behalf of client the deal price, terms and conditions with the target and their advisors
  • Due Diligence — Assist client in performing in-depth due diligence on the target agency

  • Transaction Agreement Review — Review and provide consultation to our client’s attorney on transaction documents and related schedules and agreements

  • Integration Management — Assist client in developing and executing post-acquisition integration strategies

If you are considering a merger or acquisition and would like to learn more, please contact out team of professionals.



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